Guitarist Profiles With Jake Willson

Guitarist Profiles with Jake Willson
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The JTC artist on theatre work, the writing process and how to stay motivated with practice...

Well, it’s been a long time coming but I’m happy to say the second episode of ‘Guitarist Profiles with…’ is here!

In this series of interviews, I get to chat to some of the most influential guitar players and people within the industry around to help inform and inspire your own journey with the guitar.

My guest for this episode is a professional session guitarist, with no shortage of work offers.


He’s a Jam Track Central artist – where his dedication to teaching has produced some of the highest quality online courses available today. 

With endorsements from Victory amplification and his own boutique signature guitar from Hungarian luthiers Fibanare  – his eclectic and thrilling playing style is a delight for all.

If that’s not enough, he also holds a PhD in Classical composition from the University of Surrey, where he continues to inspire as an associate lecturer in orchestration and Jazz studies.

I’m thrilled and grateful to be joined by the amazing Jake Willson, who took the time out of a busy work schedule to chat.

Check out the Full Interview Below!  

The Album Release

As Jake mentioned in the interview, the new album is close to completion and this page will be updated as soon as there’s further news.

For those of us who can’t wait though, here’s a sneak peak from the studio shared on Jake’s Instagram page:    

Other Strings to the Bow...

Along with the Theatre work, album recording and JTC masterclass packages, Jake finds time to produce product review videos on his YouTube channel with fellow axe man Dan Leggett.

The reviews are informative and highly entertaining – a tongue in cheek approach to explaining guitar gear – check out the latest video here:

Jake is also a regular contributor and co-presenter on the fantastic ‘Guitar Hour podcast‘. 

Along with other top guitarists David Beebee, Dan Smith and Tom Quayle, the podcast features different guests most weeks. 

The Guitar Hour Podcast is a great resource for advanced and intermediate players

Many topics are covered from music theory, harmony, aural skills, improvising, mental and physical well being and musical influences.

Although the podcast frequently takes deep dives into advanced music theory, there’s still some great nuggets of information for the less skilled of us and the delivery explanations are always very clear and concise – it’s a great resource to learn more for sure, so check it out!

"I hope you've found this interview entertaining and insightful - if so please give it a thumbs up and share...
Let me know in the comments section below who you would like to hear from next!"

16 Responses

  1. Thanks for a super-interesting episode of Guitarist Profiles with Jake Willson. The guest that you interviewed was very interesting and you could tell that he has the experience to be recognized as an influencer (for me and many others) in the industry.

    There were so many areas covered like music theory, harmony, aural skills, improvising, and musical influences plus more that I have bookmarked this to come back and listen to it again. This is a great website and I am looking forward to getting my muso “fix” here when I cannot get out and mix it up myself. 

    Is this a fairly new website? I am glad I found it, thanks again…Who you should interview next is up to you. I will be happy with anyone that knows the business and is up for a chat! Great interview!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Dave! I’ve been slowly working on the website for the past couple of years.  I’m aiming to release more content on a regular basis in the coming weeks and months so please keep checking back!

      Thanks for the support.

  2. Jake Wilson Is really a baked in man when it comes to music, I’ve watched some of his videos online and I can say he’s an inspiration to me and I know he is to some others too. I’ve learned a lot from him his session. Thanks to sharing this article, its really interesting and entertaining, the videos are good too, I enjoyed reading through. Thanks

  3. Interesting interview with Jake. I am also a musician, a piano/keyboard player who has varied my musical activity first from classical while at school, then I became fascinated with jazz and pop. Later I did arranging, music production and studies in music forms at Berklee. I agree with Jake. 

    There are so many people interested in the different areas that you can study, that it is important to decide on an area of specialisation and who your target market will be. I find that the modern musician has to, besides the studies of method and skills,  be involved in networking, marketing, and the business of music so as not to be crowded out on the many platforms and opportunities that there are. 

    Thank you for the information.

    1. Hi JJ, thanks for your views on the subject. Glad you enjoyed the video, have you checked out the Guitar Hour Podcast? They have great guests, its a useful resource and not just for guitar players!

  4. I love your guitarist profile article highlighting your interview with Jake Willson, an influential guitar player. Please note that your information helps to inform and inspire us in our own journey with the guitar.

    I was particularly struck with the fact that Jake holds a PhD in Classical composition from the University of Surrey and that he is also associate lecturer in orchestration and Jazz studies. 

    Thanks for this valuable blog post and I will now check out the full interview.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Chris. I think having more strings to your bow really helps in the cutting edge of session playing. Jake has a range of skills which make him such a great and versatile player. Do you play guitar yourself? Who are you listening to at present?

  5. Thank you! What a great interview. I had heard of JTC before but I did not know that it stands for jamtrackcentral. 

    I listened to some of the music on their site and it is really cool. Thank you for making the interview, it’s cool that you actually met in person and so this interview will deliver a lot of value to people that they could not get somewhere else. 

    Thank you for putting together this great article and helping inspire me and other guitarists to keep on learning and keep on practicing oh, and of course enjoying music. Have a good day!

    1. Hi C, thanks for your comment, glad you enjoyed the interview and blog post. How long have you been playing yourself?

  6. Thank you for your post. I’m a fan of Jake Wilson. I am not a Guitar player, but love to hear Guitar music. Every time I feel tired and dizzy, I turn on the Guitar music and my headaches go away!. Guitar music becomes part of my music therapy.

    I watched the video and Jake is an inspirational figure. He has such sound wisdom with music in general and guitar in particular. I am so grateful to have the chance to learn from his knowledge of music.

    I am very happy to learn that Jake is releasing a new album, I will certainly purchase it when it is released.

    It is kind of you sharing this information with us. 

    1. Thanks Anthony! I’m glad you enjoyed the interview.  Yes music certainly has a soothing effect sometimes and Jake is a fantastic and versatile player.

  7. You’ve done great job with interviewing Jake Willson. I think making the interview in video format was a good decision. 

    Jake´s early life and finding his career path is easy to relate to. It´s also interesting, when he tells he got to a point when he was not playing guitar so much, even though he had always wanted to be a guitar player. That was because he got so involved with his classical music PHD education, and he was playing piano more.

    That´s something I can relate to as well, and it has happened to me with other things. 

    As a song writer I was fascinated to hear Jake Willson talk about orchestral music as a three-dimensional space. I don’t have experience with making or playing orchestral music, so I had never thought of it that way.

    1. Hi Kirsti, thanks for your comment, i’m glad you enjoyed this post. Jake explained to me how classical composition feels more three-dimensional and that his new album (coming out imminently) uses certain writing and mixing techniques to help add a taste of this.

      Are there any problem points you face as a songwriter yourself?  

  8. Hi! I really found Jake Wilson’s interview fascinating! He covers many topics but I was particularly interested in hearing his opining concerning comprehension of written music. How he began as a guitarist was also engaging and how family sets a big influence on a guitarist’s life. Thanks for this interview!

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